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Side note : I do not take credit for the confessions, just the posts.
Anonymous asked: I don't know if you follow any young rythmic gymnasts but if you do do you think Lennox Hopkins would ever be able to make it to the Olympics?

I have no idea who  she is so i had to youtube her, i don’t know how level systems work in the US (if that’s where she’s from?) but she looks too young for us to know yet, so idk :) x

toloverhythmic asked: Guess whoooo

BBS!!!! :*

Anonymous asked: Wow! It's so beautiful! I thought you'd used someone elses leotard design for it, it looks so stunning! Thank you for replying, and good luck for the rest of your competitions this year xx

Awww thankyou! :0 I don’t like it that much now lol but thankyou! :* kisses xxx

Anonymous asked: Oops, I might just be getting muddled, I thought you had one that looked velvety, and had pink flowers near the shoulders? Just ignore me if I'm wrong hehe, where are your others from (if you don't mind me asking)? xx

oh my gosh yes, sorry! i do have a black one :0 i desinged it myself and it was made by Gia xx and the white one is from lilachelene and the purple one is from Vessy on etsy xx

Anonymous asked: I was just wondering if you'd seen the photos that John Holmes took at the weekend, they're on gibrock smugmug com/Rhythmic-Gymnastics (but with dots where I've put spaces) There are some gorgeous ones of your routines, and I agree so much with the other anon, your expression is really similar to Maksy! Also, could you possibly tell me where your black leotard is from? It's so stunning! (I promise I won't get the same one) Well done xx

I have actually, I’m not a fan of the shots of me hehehehe :’( you mean the purple one? i dont have a black one xxx

Anonymous asked: (Not a confession:) Your routines on Saturday were incredible, especially considering the whole clubs/hoop mix up! (And pretty please could you tell Chloe that her ribbon routine was perfect, and Elise's clubs was incredible! I'm so jealous of you all!) I think you're probably one of the most underrated gymnasts out there, and your style reminds me so much of Maksymenko, it's an absolute pleasure to watch your routines. Well done, and good luck with all your other competitions this year!

Ohhh my gosh thankyou! :-) the mix up was pretty intense hahahahha :’) oui oui i shall pass the message on xxx and thankyou once again hehe Makysmenko is my favourite gymnast!! :* xxx

To whoever sent me the really cute message —

Thankyou very much! It was very sweet and lovely (i hope it wasnt a joke lol) and to whoever it was; kick ass at all your gym goals too! :)xx